Euro Atlantic Personal Development Center
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Group activities: small group (8-12), large groups (13-30)


Is there anyone who doesn’t know what Selfie means? Probably not. We live in the Selfies era. Our SELFIES is an eclectic program which invites the participants to take on the journey to their core self. Self-knowledge, social skills development, identification of conflict resolution, problem-solving and decision making style and the improvement of these are all embedded in interactive, fun, group activities. Modules of the program are self- knowledge, problem solving and creativity, conflict management, career orientation.


We face conflicts so often and feel discomfort and distress about them almost each time. How do I express my point of view without offending others? How do I say no? How can I prevent conflictual situations by means of assertive communication? Our aim is to help participants acquire the techniques of assertive communication in order to get around the barriers, to enforce their intentions/interests and to prevent stress-situations and conflicts, while also taking others’ viewpoints into consideration. In the program we assess the participants’ knowledge about assertiveness and look over a range of situations in typical every day and work tasks, through role-plays, in order to build it into their behavioral repertoire.

 Team- building

The key of a good-functioning organization or institution is the effectiveness of the team in achieving the wished changes while holding a well-defined goal or vision.

Our team building program includes indoor and outdoor activities that lead:

  • to a better knowledge of self and others (strength and weaknesses)
  • to optimized communication
  • to reduced conflicts
  • to increased motivation and
  • to professional development.

The characteristics of these activities are that they are organized “out of office”, including accessible and challenging tasks in a game spirit where safety and satisfaction are important criteria.


Our career-orientation program gives solutions/options for everyone who is seriously interested in finding the best circumstances necessary to achieve the best job-performances.

Through various methods, in a supportive and confident climate, our client explores subjects like: main values, interests, characteristics and abilities; wanted life-style; educational and professional paths; the offer of the current labor market, final decision-making, marketing and personal promotion.

Based on a Career Profile and a personal Career Portfolio, the participant is enabled to make the best choices and steps to achieve his/her personal and professional goals.

 Problem-solving and decision making

We all face and solve a different kind of problems in different kind of ways in our everyday lives. Our program focuses on developing problem-solving skills by offering opportunities to learn and practice these skills through participation in real life situation-based scenarios. Identifying the problem, breaking the problem and the solution into smaller steps, evaluating alternatives and their consequences, identifying innovative and creative solutions, objectivity, flexibility are only a few of the skills the program focuses on.

The participants have the possibility to acquire personal and group decision-making techniques, in order to use them consciously and confidently in their everyday situations or job-environment, in a structured way. They are also guided to consider decisions from a long-term perspective.

Managing to see problems as something natural and solvable and acquiring the skills to solve them not only contributes to less stress, more optimism, and efficiency but can also prevent problem behavior occurrence.

Time management

Time management is a crucial skill in today’s rapidly changing environment. Having a lot to do, at work, school and home and little time to do it, can be quite overwhelming and frustrating to many of us. The good news is that effective time management skills can be learned. Our program focuses on the development of skills like setting priorities, organizing, planning, creating and implementing to do lists, breaking tasks into smaller steps, and presents ways and benefits of delegating tasks, learning to say no and reducing procrastination. The ultimate goal is to create a balanced, rational and flexible mindset for managing time and tasks efficiently, which leads to greater levels of energy and focus on what we have to do, reduced levels of stress, efficient work and psychological well-being.

Social-emotional competences

Social-emotional competences are in a positive relationship with both performance and well-being. Studies have shown that emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of behavior problems and is strongly associated with mental health, emotion regulation and effectively dealing with changes (Davis and Humprey, 2012; Gawali, 2012)

The ability to recognize and naming emotions, empathy, emotion regulation skills, like cognitive reframing, relaxation technics, reappraisal are some of the competencies aimed to be developed by our program. Based on the worldwide known and used CASEL framework (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning), the activities within our program contribute to the development of the five core SEL competencies in an interactive and fun way: self- management, self- awareness, social awareness, relationship management, responsible decision making.