Euro Atlantic Personal Development Center

Mental health and psychological well-being are vital for prosperity in life.

Our goal is to promote these values, to act for keeping them as priorities because we are convinced that these are the keys for success and satisfaction in life.

This means, first of all, PREVENTION of various problems we face in our immediate everyday situations and job environment: aggression, anxiety, low self-esteem, conflictual relationships, school drop-out, low satisfaction and low efficacy at school and work. This indirectly implies reducing the costs associated with different kind of therapies, counseling, recruiting new candidates for certain jobs, dealing with unemployment and reintegration into the community.

Our programs are created to help our participants develop self-awareness and self-management through optimizing social-emotional skills, relationship skills, empathy, conflict-resolution skills, responsible problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Our Career-orientation and planning services offer participants support in making the best choices and steps in order to build a career that they dreamed for.