Our team

László Szentkirály 

Director, marketing expert.

Work experience: Planned and executed marketing campaigns for a number of international, national and provincial vendors and business groups,

Special interests: market research, business strategies, talent management, trainings.

Hobbies: extreme sports, flying, traveling.

Tímea Szentkirály Boda

Psychologist and singer.

Work experience: HR, school and personal counselling, concerts.

Special interests: human well-being, mental health, talent management, arts

Hobbies: flying, traveling, reading, writing, cooking


Edit Maior

Clinical psychologyst, personal development counselor

Work experience: teaching, personal development counseling, inclusion of children with autism spectrum disorder

Special interests: well-being, human motivation, Asperger’s, trainings, personal development, burnout

Hobbies: traveling, music, reading, dancing, painting, writing